Whether you have a family photography session every year or once every couple of years, your choice of investing in your family photos is so important.  Your family portraits bring you together.  It reminds your family for its love for one another. Your family photos bring joy!! 

A Storyteller Photographer

Linda Bailey

Katie Thurmes

"We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

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A true artist. In every sense of the word. So easy to work with - Brittiney Blair 

Servinh Chicago , NW Suburbs , Elk Grove Village , Schaumburb Family Photographer

My sessions are 30-60 minutes and takes place at sunset (Golden Hour). My goal is to document those precious moments that you have with your family to be able to go back and cherish them!
my sessions aren't the ones that you stand and look at the camera and smile, we will have couple of those but the rest of the session will be lots of playful moments, lots of hugs and giggles! Bring your family with all the chaos and you will walk away with some magical moments other wise disappear in a blink of an eye! 


live in the moment 

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Linda Bailey 


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